Post-Growth Reports

Joined up Economics by Brian Heatley

What would the macroeconomics of post-growth look like? Brian Heatley provides an econometric model of the UK economy in a no-growth scenario. Its conclusion are striking: we could have a much healthier enviroment and meaningful productive employment for all. This report is now available here.

'We are Many; They are Few': Auditing Austerity by Molly Scott Cato

Molly Scot Cato explores how the public debt is disfiguring society and blocking the need for urgent investment in green infrastructure. Using the concept of 'odious debt' she explores what might happen if we challenged our obligation to repay debts that were not acquired democratically and do not serve the interests of the majority.

As an introduction to this report you can watch Molly's presentation to the 2012 colloquium of debt audit campaigners on Youtube here.

Post Growth Politics by Andy Dobson

The one thing we know about the sustainable society is that it will be a low-throughput society. It will use fewer esources at a lower rate, and it will be powered with less energy. But what are the implications of this for how we live together, for our expectations and aspirations, for how we treat each other?

Challenging the Hegemony of Growthist Discourse by Rupert Read and Matt Wootton.

This report sets out the rhetorical and conceptual resources needed in order for a post-growth economy to seem not just possible, nor even just necessary, but common-sensical. Something that makes obvious sense, rather than (as at the present time) outside the ‘mainstream’.

The Paradox of a Green Stimulus by Molly Scott Cato

Last time capitalism experience a Depression on the current scale the solution was massive Keynesian stimulus and ultimately war. This artificial reinflation of demand cannot be the solution this time, because we have already reached the limits of the planet. So are there any options for using the crisis to stimulate the growth of a green economy?

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