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Everyone agrees that we are in the midst of a massive financial and economic crisis. We have suffered the biggest ‘crash’ since the 30s, and it may get far bigger yet. How ought this ongoing crisis to be understood, and resolved?

On the mainstream view: We have vast government deficits, and stagnant economies. We have a dire need for economic growth – and a deep-set need for austerity, bringing with it massive cuts in public services.

But what if that diagnosis, which reflects mainstream wisdom, is all wrong? What if the crisis that we are currently experiencing is one which casts into doubt the entire edifice of capitalist economics, which sets growth as the primary objective of all policy? What if the fight between those who say that without austerity first there can be no growth and those who say that we must invest and borrow more now in order to resume growth is a false dichotomy - because both sides are assuming ‘growthism’ as an unquestioned dogma?

The aim of the Green House Post-Growth project is to challenge the common-sense that assumes that it is ‘bad news’ when the economy doesn’t grow and to anatomise what it is about the structure of our economic system that means growth must always be prioritised. We need to set out an attractive, attainable vision of what one country would look like, once we deliberately gave up growth-mania – and of how to get there. And we need to find ways of communicating this to people that make sense, and that motivate change.

The starting-points from which the analysis proceeds can be found on the common ground page.

A short report introducing the project can be found at Green House Post-Growth Project (pdf, 661 K).

All of the other reports that have emerged from the project can be found on our Publications pages. Also there is the link for pre-ordering the book bringing together the main findings of the project, which will be published on 22 October.

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Coming Up:

The first Green House book will be published on 22 October! See main page for details.

Green House is holding its first event in Norwich - 'What Comes After Capitalism?' Join Donnie Maclurcan from the Post Growth Institute and Rupert Read from Green House Think Tank for a glimpse into the Not-for-Profit global economy' - on Sunday 21 September. Click here for more details.

And we hope to be setting off intellectual fireworks on 5 November. More details to follow.

The Green House stall and reception at the Autumn Conference of the Green Party of England and Wales at Aston University, Birmingham were a great success, stimulating much discussion and bringing in over 50 new followers. They will all be receiving a newsletter shortly to being them up to date on our activities. If you want to join that number, simply add your email address to the mailing list above.

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