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A Heart for Europe

This gas is a summary and introduction of Dick Pels' book 'A Heart for Europe'

Gas by Dick Pels

Dick is a Dutch sociologist and freelance political writer. In previous lives, he was Professor of Sociology & Communications at Brunel University, London, chairman of the left-liberal think tank Waterland and director of Bureau de Helling, the research foundation of the Dutch Green Party. Among his English books are Property and Power: A Study in Intellectual Rivalry (1998), The Intellectual as Stranger (2000) and Unhastening Science (2003). Since then, he has written a number of books (in Dutch) about Pim Fortuyn, national identity, the economy of honour, politics and religion, and the challenge of populism in Europe. He also writes and performs songs in the folk blues genre and lives on the historic yacht Nymphaea.

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