We have done various things on Brexit, including a transnational project for the Green European Foundation, published a gas, and responded to the consultation on environmental principles and governance. Plus, one of our core group members, Victor Anderson co-authored a briefing for the Repeal Bill Alliance in July 2018. In the summer of 2020 we published a report, Another Brexit is Possible. For details of these please see below.

Emma Dawnay

Another Brexit is Possible

This report considers that the option of remaining in close alignment with the EU is too politically difficult to achieve. Having made this assumption, it argues that the only viable option is building national resilience through more localisation combined with deeper global cooperation.

Victor Anderson

Environmental Principles and governance after EU Exit

Environmental protection is one of the many areas of life that will change if Brexit goes ahead. The Government has promised a new ‘Environment Watchdog’, and there will be a new Environment Bill. This is Green House's response to the Government’s consultation document.

Andrew Pearmain


Andrew Pearmain's gas and Polemic against Brexit, the state of the nation and the biggest challenges we need to address.

Ray Cunningham

The potential impact of Brexit on the prospects for a Green transition in Europe

This paper outlines the results of the transnational project “The potential impact of Brexit on the prospects for a green transition in Europe” implemented in 2017 by the green European Foundation

Green House Think Tank

Brexit and the green transition in the UK and Europe

The Green European Foundation, with the support of Green House, held a conference in Europe House in London on ‘Brexit and the green transition in the UK and Europe’.

Green House Think Tank

EU Referendum debate

A Green House event discussing the EU referendum