Just Transition

‘Just Transition’ has been used by the labour movement to express how they think workers in fossil-fuel intensive industries need to be supported to move into low-carbon jobs so they do not lose out in the transition to a zero carbon economy. Green House contributors have written on how this can be achieved in a variety of sectors including agriculture, aviation and mining.

Anne Chapman

A Just Transition in Agriculture Podcasts

A Just Transition in Agriculture podcasts - four part series

Robert Magowan

A Just Transition in Britain: 'Actually existing regionalisms'

To mark the UK launch [https://www.greenhousethinktank.org/book-launch-a-european-just-transition-for-a-better-world/] of our new book with the Green European Foundation, 'A European Just Transition for a Better World’, we are delighted to publish the winning entry to our Just Transition essay competition, by Matthew Hull. A Just Transition in Britain: 'Actually

Robert Magowan

Book launch: A European Just Transition for a Better World

Join us for drinks and discussion at the UK launch of our new book, 'A European Just Transition for a Better World', at Bookmarks bookshop.

Robert Magowan

Just Transition essay competition

*Deadline for entries extended to 24th July* Green House and the Green European Foundation are pleased to launch an essay competition for students and young writers, on the political potential of the just transition in the UK. A prize of £500 is available for the winning pitch to be developed

Robert Magowan

A European Just Transition for a Better World

Green House has contributed two chapters to a new book published this week, A European Just Transition for a Better World. We were partners in this Green European Foundation transnational project tackling the question of a Just Transition – transforming from an extractive to a regenerative economy in a just and

Robert Magowan

A guide to engaging aviation workers and trade unions

Download Report [http://greenhousethinktank.org/static/2022/SG_just-transition-guide-v5.pdf]You want to win a campaign to reduce aviation or counter airport expansion? Then you‘ll need to have a good plan to counter one of the main industry arguments: jobs. This guide will help you to connect with aviation

Green House Think Tank

A Green New Deal for Leeds City Region

The event will launch the report, A Green New Deal for Leeds City Region: GALBA's Vision for a Sustainable Local Economy which was written in collaboration with Green House and published by the Green European foundation

Green House Think Tank

Green Jobs and Airport expansion

This online event heard from authors of the report, A Green New Deal for Gatwick along with trade unionists and local airport campaigners on how to challenge the local jobs case for airport expansion and make the case for a different route.

Anne Chapman

Cumbria and green jobs in Left Foot Forward.

Green House's Anne Chapman discusses the potential for a transition in the Cumbria region into an economic powerhouse and the impact on jobs and the environment

Anne Chapman

A Just Transition in Agriculture

The agriculture industry has transformed in the last 70 years. Agriculture needs a just transition as much as coal mining communities do, but whereas there is no future for coal mines in a zero-carbon world, there has to be a future for agriculture.

Jonathan Essex

A Green New Deal for Gatwick

Many job opportunities near Gatwick are at the airport or in associated sectors. Covid-19 brought an almost complete cessation of flying, with a slow regrowth likely to take years to return to prior levels. Contemplation of a different future for workers across the Gatwick region has become urgent

Green House Think Tank

Climate Jobs and a Just Transition: responding to our climate emergency

The final event of our Climate Jobs project for this year at which Jonathan Essex and Peter Sims will be presenting the results of our climate jobs modelling for Northern Ireland. This one day conference is organised by the Green European Foundation with the support of Green Foundation Ireland.