Pamphlets published by Green House Think Tank. These tend to be more substantial publication than Gases, but shorter than Green House reports.

Robert Magowan

A Just Transition in Britain: 'Actually existing regionalisms'

To mark the UK launch [] of our new book with the Green European Foundation, 'A European Just Transition for a Better World’, we are delighted to publish the winning entry to our Just Transition essay competition, by Matthew Hull. A Just Transition in Britain: 'Actually

Green House Think Tank

Zero Carbon Policy Toolkit

The Toolkit is made up of 10 blockers to zero carbon, and 10 enablers. Each of these represents an intervention in our economy which taken together

Green House Think Tank

The Progressive Alliance- Revisited

A collection of contributions from Rupert Read, Victor Anderson, Neal Lawson, Jonathan Essex and Sara Parkin.

John Blewitt

Sinister Interest - Reforming the Media

This polemical pamphlet is a significant contribution to the current debate about what needs to be done if democracy is to flourish in a world of ‘fake news’ and ‘post-truth’.

Rupert Read

Ideas for a Radical Green Manifesto

Green politics is in practice about much more than politics – we need changes in economics, technology, attitudes, and cultures. That is why it is the most radical form of politics there is.

Molly Scott Cato

The Green Case For A Progressive Pact: Debating the next election

This pamphlet looked at the case for a progressive alliance and how Greens could benefit. It includes contributions from Molly Scott Cato, Victor Anderson, Rupert Read, Jonathan Essex, and Sara Parkin.

Rupert Read

Post-growth localisation

This pamphlet outlines the fundamental features of economic globalisation and localisation, how a shift towards the local might be accomplished, and what it asks of us in terms of action.