Rupert Read

Rupert Read

Works with environmental scientists at UEA. He was a Green Party Councillor 2004-2011, and helped draft the Green 2009 Euro-election manifesto. He was a founder member and chair of Green House.

Rupert Read

Between XR and COP

On the spectrum from conventional activism and politics through to arrest-willing non-violent direct action, the most obvious vacancy is work. We need to be delivering the necessary transformative change via our day jobs: working to ensure that the job really is part of the solution, not the problem

Rupert Read

Extinction Rebellion: Insights From The Inside

This book is written by Rupert Read, founding member and former chair of Green House Think Tank

Emma Dawnay

Another Brexit is Possible

This report considers that the option of remaining in close alignment with the EU is too politically difficult to achieve. Having made this assumption, it argues that the only viable option is building national resilience through more localisation combined with deeper global cooperation.

Rupert Read

“A National Scandal”: a timeline of the UK government’s response to the Coronavirus crisis.

A timeline examining the government's response to the coronavirus crisis.

Rupert Read

APPG Briefings on the Precautionary Principle (Climate Change and Animal Welfare)

Rupert Read has collaborated with the APPG on Agreocology for Sustainable Food and Farming on writing two briefings, on the importance of maintaining the Precautionary Principle for Climate Change and Animal Welfare, after the UK leaves the European Union

John Blewitt

Sinister Interest - Reforming the Media

This polemical pamphlet is a significant contribution to the current debate about what needs to be done if democracy is to flourish in a world of ‘fake news’ and ‘post-truth’.

Rupert Read

Facing up to Climate Reality: Introduction to the Project

This essay lays out the premises that shape the facing up to climate reality project undertaken by Greenhouse in 2017-18. The project addressed the widening chasm between climate science and climate policy, the reasons for it, and how to bridge it.

Jonathan Essex

A critique of the RSA’s ‘Inclusive Growth Commission'

In the latest Green House Gas, Jonathan Essex and Rupert Read question some of the fundamental assumptions of the RSA Commission's work

Rupert Read

Ideas for a Radical Green Manifesto

Green politics is in practice about much more than politics – we need changes in economics, technology, attitudes, and cultures. That is why it is the most radical form of politics there is.

Molly Scott Cato

The Green Case For A Progressive Pact: Debating the next election

This pamphlet looked at the case for a progressive alliance and how Greens could benefit. It includes contributions from Molly Scott Cato, Victor Anderson, Rupert Read, Jonathan Essex, and Sara Parkin.

Rupert Read

Post-growth localisation

This pamphlet outlines the fundamental features of economic globalisation and localisation, how a shift towards the local might be accomplished, and what it asks of us in terms of action.

Victor Anderson

Critiquing ‘Common Cause’

The authors each reflect and comment on the Common Cause report published in 2010