About us

Green House is a think tank founded in 2011. It aims to lead the development of green thinking in the UK.

Politics, they say, is the art of the possible. But the possible is not fixed. What we believe is possible depends on our knowledge and beliefs about the world. Ideas can change the world, and Green House is about challenging the ideas that have created the world we live in now, and offering positive alternatives.

The problems we face are systemic, and so the changes we need to make are complex and interconnected. Many of the critical analyses and policy prescriptions that will be part of the new paradigm are already out there. Our aim is to communicate them more clearly, and more widely.

In this, we remain independent of political parties, campaigns or commercial vested interests, but are happy to cooperate with anybody – individuals or organisations – who shares our beliefs and our sense of urgency.

Vision: Our vision is a world that is protected against a “Hothouse Earth” where catastrophic changes to the climate system have been avoided. Our society and economy are shaped so that we all thrive by living within our planetary boundaries and in greater harmony with nature. We strongly believe in our common humanity, and we are defined both by a culture of hope and realism where the interests of the community are as important as those of the individual.  

Mission: Our mission is to develop green thinking by challenging the ideas that have created the world we live in and cultivate alternatives.

Find Out More

There is an important sense in which you are what you read. In this spirit, and so that you can see where we are coming from, as well as where we are going to, we have put together a list of books that have informed and influenced us.

We have limited ourselves to ten books each and have provided you with a brief commentary. The list is fairly eclectic and should provide something for all tastes.

Get Involved

Green House is a member of the Rapid Transition Alliance, the Systems Change Alliance and the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill Alliance.