Precautionary Principle

The Precautionary Principle: an essential tool for our times. Now, perhaps more than ever, the Precautionary Principle, is vital to the safety and wellbeing of not just us but our planet. Often described using proverbs such as ‘look before you leap’, at its heart, it is a safety net in an uncertain and often precarious world.

Anne Chapman


Review of Book 'Countdown - How our Modern World is Threatening Sperm Counts, Altering Male and Female Reproductive Development and Imperiling the Future of the Human Race'.

Rupert Read

“A National Scandal”: a timeline of the UK government’s response to the Coronavirus crisis.

A timeline examining the government's response to the coronavirus crisis.

Rupert Read

APPG Briefings on the Precautionary Principle (Climate Change and Animal Welfare)

Rupert Read has collaborated with the APPG on Agreocology for Sustainable Food and Farming on writing two briefings, on the importance of maintaining the Precautionary Principle for Climate Change and Animal Welfare, after the UK leaves the European Union

Anne Chapman

Greens and Science: Why the Green Movement is not anti-Science

Anne Chapman argues that the Green movement owes a great deal to science, and like scientists Greens tend to think that decisions should be made on the basis of rational arguments, by appeal to the evidence