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Between XR and COP

On the spectrum from conventional activism and politics through to arrest-willing non-violent direct action, the most obvious vacancy is work. We need to be delivering the necessary transformative change via our day jobs: working to ensure that the job really is part of the solution, not the problem

Pivoting climate movement strategy from the radical flank effect to a ‘moderate’ flank, via a shift toward workplace-based activism

The rapid, system-level change required by the pressing nature of climate-reality necessitates mass mobilisation. XR’s great success in driving climate action up the public agenda is not matched by public appetite to participate in its methods. As ever more people are jolted into awareness of climate realities, they need a relatable space within which to take action. As such there has opened up a fertile space for a mass moderate flank — whose energy can be channelled most consequentially into far-reaching activism in the workplace.

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