Image of a pie chart showing the differences in the composition of the commons with more proportion of progressive parties
Bejakyo, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Progressive Alliance- Revisited

A collection of contributions from Rupert Read, Victor Anderson, Neal Lawson, Jonathan Essex and Sara Parkin.

The idea of a Progressive Alliance - with 'progressive' candidates standing down in elections to help 'progressives' from other parties to get elected - was influential in the 2017 general election but controversial, perhaps especially so in the Green Party.  At times it seemed as though Greens were the only party in the alliance! Greens stood down in many constituencies and may have played a crucial role in preventing the Conservatives from winning an overall majority. But the Green Party arguably gained very little for itself, making sacrifices which Labour candidates benefited from. This pamphlet explores the issues from a range of perspectives, looking at the arguments for and against a Progressive Alliance and the questions it raises for the Green Party.

This is a follow up to our 2016 pamphlet on a Progressive Alliance.

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