Green House have published the following books.

Robert Magowan

A European Just Transition for a Better World

Green House has contributed two chapters to a new book published this week, A European Just Transition for a Better World. We were partners in this Green European Foundation transnational project tackling the question of a Just Transition – transforming from an extractive to a regenerative economy in a just and

John Foster

​Facing up to Climate Reality; Honesty, Disaster and Hope

Our latest book, takes as its starting point the fact that the climate crisis is going to get much worse whatever we now do. The book explores what this means and how we might be able to confront escalating climate chaos while not giving up hope.

Prashant Vaze

The Rising Tide

This environmental fiction book is written by Green House's Prashant Vaze

John Blewitt

The Post-Growth Project: How the End of Economic Growth Could Bring a Fairer and Happier Society

This book challenges the assumption that it is bad news when the economy doesn’t grow.

Green House Think Tank

The impossible will take a while - a citizen's guide to hope in a time of fear Paul Rogat Loeb (Basic Books, 2014)

How do we keep on working for a more humane world, no matter how hard it sometimes seems? In a time when our involvement has never been needed more, this anthology of political hope aims to help readers with the essential work of healing our communities, despite all odds