A European Just Transition for a Better World

A European Just Transition for a Better World

Green House has contributed two chapters to a new book published this week, A European Just Transition for a Better World.

We were partners in this Green European Foundation transnational project tackling the question of a Just Transition – transforming from an extractive to a regenerative economy in a just and equitable way.

With a forward from Natalie Bennett, the book argues that a just transition requires a new social contract. A new contract can only be written from a global perspective, taking into account human rights and respect for nature worldwide. At the same time, this major transformation will need to be very context specific. The differences between European regions are enormous, not least in terms of income disparity between and within countries. So, too, are the financial, innovative and structural capacities to shape and implement the transformative changes that are needed.

The two Green House chapters focus on developing the concept of a just transition in particular sectors. Anne Chapman has contributed a chapter on agriculture, a condensed version of her previous work on an industry that unlike fossil fuels, needs a future in a zero carbon world.

Robert Magowan has written about a just transition in aviation, about that industry's extraordinary free ride in the global warming era, and the need for an alternative vision for its beleaguered workers. The chapter takes inspiration from the employees at Lucas Aerospace back in 1976, who wrote:

"Workers are prepared to press for the right to work on products which actually help to solve human problems, rather than create them."

Dirk Holemans, coordinator of the project and of Belgian think tank Oikos, has been interviewed by the Green European Journal to discuss the book.

Green House will have physical copies of the book at our UK launch events later in the year. To receive a copy please contact info@greenhousethinktank.org.