The Rising Tide

This environmental fiction book is written by Green House's Prashant Vaze

Green House core group member Prashant Vaze, has recently published a fictional book call 'The Rising Tide':

It's the latter half of the 21st century. The glaciers on Greenland are melting. Refugees fleeing climate change trickle into the UK. No more oil and gas; robots and computers have taken most of the jobs.

Super-smart, part-time hacker, 15-year old Aria Lovelace is studying for entry to an elite university. She lives with her irksome brother, dreamy musician Dad, controlling mother and their passive-aggressive computer. The plan is she’ll follow in her family’s over-achieving footsteps.

Their village is hit by a tsunami and Aria is left behind after her village is evacuated. Alone she finds a queue of people wanting to settle old scores with her family. As Aria searches for her mother and brother, she uncovers secrets about her family's and her own past.