Ray Cunningham

Green House Think Tank

The Invention of Sustainability; Nature and Destiny c. 1500-1870

Ray Cunningham's review of Warde's book, which examines the invention of sustainability across different time periods and with different themes

Ray Cunningham

The potential impact of Brexit on the prospects for a Green transition in Europe

This paper outlines the results of the transnational project “The potential impact of Brexit on the prospects for a green transition in Europe” implemented in 2017 by the green European Foundation

Ray Cunningham

Can Greens be part of a broad Anti-Austerity Front in Europe?

Green House coordinator Ray Cunningham argues in this Gas that Greens should beware of the temptation to enter into political alliances based on opposition to austerity alone.

John Blewitt

The Post-Growth Project: How the End of Economic Growth Could Bring a Fairer and Happier Society

This book challenges the assumption that it is bad news when the economy doesn’t grow.

Ray Cunningham

What’s the point of the EU? The World War I Centenary and the myth of the EU’s ‘peace mission’

Ray Cunningham explores the role, history and potential of the EU in this gas.

Ray Cunningham

Reclaiming Sustainability

This essay draws heavily on the book ‘Die Entdeckung der Nachhaltigkeit’ by Ulrich Grober, published by Verlag Antje Kunstmann in 2010