Andrew Pearmain

Andrew is passionate about the countryside, wants to make a positive difference to safeguarding our environment for the future and has an extensive background in the IT and Utility sectors.

Andrew Pearmain


Andrew Pearmain's gas and Polemic against Brexit, the state of the nation and the biggest challenges we need to address.

Andrew Pearmain

Newer Times

Andy Pearmain's Newer Times takes up a generation later the idea of the famous Marxism Today ‘New Times’ thesis. Pearmain suggests that the coming of robotisation is going to fundamentally change the nature of our society and our politics.

Brian Heatley

Smaller but Better: Post-Growth Public Services

In this report Andrew Pearmain and Brian Heatley argue for a distinctively Green approach to public services which goes beyond simple opposition to austerity.

Andrew Pearmain

The Political Economy of ‘Progressive Austerity’

Can there be anything ‘progressive’ about austerity? Does capitalist crisis always have to be resolved anti-socially, with mass unemployment and impoverishment, and on political terms which favour the right? Our most recent history is not encouraging.