Copywrite Licence

Green House think tank's Copywrite Licence

The following licence applied to all content published by Green House think tank including the content on this website.

Open Access. Some rights reserved.

Anyone can download, save, perform or distribute this work in any format, including translation, without written permission. This is subject to the conditions:

  1. The work is not resold
  2. The content is not altered and is used in full
  3. Green House, our web address ( and the authors are credited
  4. The licence is stated (e.g. "Open Access. Some rights reserved." + link too full licence)
  5. A copy of the work or link to its use online is sent to Green House( @GreenHouse_UK)

    Green House acknowledges the work of Creative Commons in our approach to copyright – see

    Note: If work is published on a webpage (i.e. not a PDF) it is acceptable for our web address to by hyperlink from "Green House" rather than stated in full.