Defensive Localism or Creative Localisation?

In this article Scott Cato addresses some of the issues raised by the Localism Bill

In this article Scott Cato distinguishes between the creative process of localisation as a participatory impulse arising from the community, and localism as proposed by Pickles, which Scott Cato portrays as a defensive, last-ditch response to the destruction of Little England by globalisation. Localism is clearly a state, indicated as a noun, a word without movement: it is an acceptance of the status quo and, for those of us who believe that a sustainable future requires a revival of a vibrant system of local economies, an acceptance of defeat. Localisation by contrast, is an idea in motion, a process of hope, whereby we take back control of our work and our resources and combine them in new forms, creating diverse responses to the need to live more harmoniously with our planet.

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