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Evidence to the Parliamentary Committee on Political and Constitutional Reform

The Political and Constitutional Reform Committee held an inquiry looking at the future of devolution in the United Kingdom. The Committee will be considering how devolution should be taken forward in Scotland, and whether England, Wales and Northern Ireland should be offered further devolution

Summary of Green House's evidence submitted:

  • Devolution for England as a single block would have the effect of further entrenching the centralising power of Westminster within England, in a contrary trend to the decentralisation of power to Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. We argue that this is undesirable.
  • Power should be devolved within England to ‘sub-regions’: cities, counties, and city-regions.
  • This should be within a framework to ensure fair allocation of finance and the reduction of adverse environmental and resource impacts.
  • Other changes should include electoral reform and new constitutional arrangements to safeguard the interests of future generations.
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