From the COVID-19 Crisis to a Sustainable Economy: What progressive politics needs to do now

Loske argues the crisis is a turning point. It divides time into a "before" and an "after". It exposes so many ecologically questionable practices that consequences must and will follow. The disregard for natural boundaries has led us to more vulnerability and more dependence

Reinhard Loske, professor of Sustainability at Cusanus University in Bernkastel-Kues, Germany, considers the opportunities the COVID-19 crisis presents for promoting sustainability policy.  He argues that there is no automatic mechanism that will lead to more sustainable lifestyles, economic practices and technologies in the wake of the crisis. Many people may change their world view and their perspective on the looming abyss as a result of the COVID-19 upheaval, but we will not be "new" people because of it. There will continue to be self-interest and community spirit, competition and cooperation. The future task of democratic politics will be to re-balance these different orientations in the practical shaping of our social coexistence.

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