Evidence to Committee on Climate Change for Building a zero-carbon economy

This document contains the evidence provided by Green House to the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) in relation to building a zero-carbon economy.

This consultation was to aid the development of the CCC's advice to the government regarding:

  • When the UK should reach net zero emissions of carbon dioxide and/or greenhouse gases as a contribution to global ambition under the Paris Agreement
  • If that target should be set now
  • The implications for emissions in 2050
  • How such reductions can be achieved
  • The costs and benefits involved in comparison to existing targets.

Green House advised:

  • Recomendations to address 'hard to decarbonise' sectors such as aviation, agriculture and industry
  • A rapid transition needs to be started through correct economic policies, devolved action, key technologies and setting the pace and direction of travel in key sectors
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