Image of an airplane lifting off
Photo by Justin Hu / Unsplash

Evidence to the Aviation Strategy consultation

Peter Sim's submission of evidence to the government's Department of Transport Aviation strategy consultation.

The aviation strategy sets out the government's vision for aviation to 2050 and includes proposals to:

  • develop a partnership for sustainable growth which meets rising passenger demand, balanced with action to reduce environmental and community impacts
  • enhance the passenger experience
  • build on the UK’s success to establish new connections across the world and create greater choice for consumers

Sims advised:

  • Aviation needs to be included from the start of the next carbon budget
  • The UK should be phasing out short haul flights within mainland UK and invest in increased cross country / intercity connectivity
    railway capacity to provide net zero compatible alternatives to these journeys.
  • The government should be directing transport subsides towards less GHG intensive transport modes
  • Focus has to be on rapid development of Net Zero compatible aviation technologies
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