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Response to 'Jet Zero'- Strategy for net zero aviation

Jonathan Essex's response to the government's Department of Transport consultation on achieving net zero within aviation by 2050.

This consultation aimed to:

  • decarbonise aviation in a way that preserves the benefits of air travel
  • maximise the opportunities that decarbonisation can bring

Essex's response to the consultation:

  • Domestic aviation targets to reach net zero by 2040 are not ambitious enough and the strategy is almost entirely reliant on technological innovations
  • Review should be aligned to the rest of the economy’s carbon budgeting process. Aviation should be managed within, not separate from, the current carbon governance framework.
  • very little in this strategy that relates to the level of ambition required as part of the UK’s plan to address the climate emergency
  • The government's repsonse doesnt consider policies to manage the demand for freight or the significance of UK passengers in the passenger carbon footprint

Government response to the consultation:

Jet zero: our strategy for net zero aviation
Our vision for the aviation sector to reach net zero aviation, or jet zero, by 2050.
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