Images of a river in a city
Photo by Gabriel Ramos / Unsplash

Just Transition, Climate Jobs

Green European Foundation, with the support of Green Foundation Ireland and in partnership with SIPTU and the Dublin Council of Trade Unions, present an all-day Seminar on the theme: Jobs in a Changing Climate

Location: Liberty Hall, Dublin

Jonathan Essex and Peter Sims spoke at this conference, organised by Green Foundation Ireland (GFI), the SIPTU and Dublin Council of Trade Unions.  It is part of a Green European Foundation project on climate jobs which is being co-ordinated by Green House.  Green House is currently working with GFI on estimating the numbers of jobs that would be created by a transition to a zero-carbon economy in each region of Ireland and the results of that work will be presented at the conference.


  • Duncan Stewart- Environmentalist, Broadcaster and Chair of Green Foundation Ireland
  • Jonathan Essex- Project Co-Ordinator, Green House Think Tank, UK
  • Adrian Kane- Public Administration and Community Division Organiser, SIPTU
  • Sinéad Mercier- Researcher, Just Transition
  • Tommy Simpson- Former President, Dublin Council of Trade Unions and Project Co-Ordinator, Green Foundation Ireland
  • Peter Sims- Researcher, Green House Think Tank, UK
  • Yvonne O’Callaghan- Strategic Organiser, SIPTU
  • Joseph Curtin- Senior Fellow, Institute of International and European Affairs