Green growth or de-growth? Alternatives to Austerity in Europe

Panel debate and public discussion, Europe House, London

Location: Europe House, London

Green House, together with the Green European Foundation and the Belgian think tank Oikos, held a panel debate and public discussion on 'Green growth or de-growth? Alternatives to Austerity in Europe' at Europe House in London, hosted by Jean Lambert, London's Green MEP. Speakers included experts from southern, eastern and western Europe talking about the differing challenges being mounted in their countries and regions to austerity policy and how the Green alternative to austerity fits into this broader political picture.

Event Recordings:

Ending Austerity and Inequality by John Blewitt, Green House (UK)

Local Resilience or Global Connectivity by Jonathan Essex, Green House (UK)

Growth-Degrowth Event Jean Lambert MEP Summing Up

Growth-Degrowth Event: Dirk Holemans, Oikos Foundation

Molly Scott Cato Pt 1 The Circular Economy

Growth-Degrowth Event: Giorgas Kallis, ICREA Barcelona

Growth-Degrowth Event - Short version

Green Growth or De-growth? Extract from Q&A session

Green Growth or De-growth? Contributor's final comments

Greening the EU - Is it possible?

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