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The Fall of Neoliberalism

Green House's Victor Anderson puts current developments in long-term perspective in 'The Fall of Neoliberalism'.

The unexpected rise of Jeremy Corbyn has led many people to return to some basic issues about politics, including whether capitalism is the best possible system and whether it can survive. In this new Green House Gas, he analyses the limitations of the current version of capitalism and looks at what its weaknesses imply for radical politics. The focus here is particularly on the two largest dysfunctional economic sectors, which are now creating massive problems for capitalism as a whole: finance and fossil fuels. Victor's analysis looks ahead to the development of a realistic political strategy - in which green, socialist and other movements learn from each other's ideas - to move society on to a more sensible way of arranging things.

Victor's essay has provoked a series of responses, which are gathered together in an e-book entitled Green Politics and the Left, written by Victor Anderson, John Blewitt, Anne Chapman, Lucy Ford, Tom Lines and Rupert Read. This can be downloaded here.

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