Image of a protest sign with an image of the earth with the words one world
Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash

How to relate ourselves to future people: justice or love?

Green House aims to stand with the oppressed of the world, against the system that oppresses them, with the dispossessed, with the victims of colonialism, with the new slaves, with all those whose suffering and dispossession are the faces of disaster triumphant upon the surface of this Earth.

For the most dispossessed of all are the ones who have not even arrived yet on our Earth. And the worst colonialism of all, arguably, is the present-day-human total-colonisation of the bio-world. We are enslaving non-human animals. We are, in effect, enslaving future generations.

In other words: isn’t it those who we don’t see at all who are the most oppressed? Who are even more invisible to we members of the privileged world even than are the masses in Bangladesh, or the Palestinians, or the maquiladoraworkers, or the world’s slumdwellers, the wretched of the Earth who we do and must seek to defend and to stand beside?

Read refers in particular to those who he calls future people. The people, whoever they are, who will exist but don’t yet. They are kept separate from us by a barrier more formidable than any fence: time. They are more utterly dependent upon us even than the world’s most desperate refugees.

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